Madame Astra's Sensational Psychic Shop

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Madame Astra’s Sensational Psychic Shop is a one act play thatfollows Hazel and Isaac on their first date to visit a psychic. Isaac couldn’t be more excited to get his future told and potentially find love, but things get derailed when he realizes Hazel doesn’t feel the same way. When Madame Astra reveals that Hazel is hiding something from her date, it starts to look like this first date might be the couple’s last.

Read the full play here and see an excerpt below.

ASTRA: Hello, hello! My apologies for the wait.

HAZEL: Were there some unforeseen circumstances?

ASTRA: A psychic joke, that’s adorable. Unfortunately yes, we can’t be all knowing, but I bet I do know a thing or two about you. Hazel and Isaac if I’m not mistaken?

HAZEL: As we said on the phone to book this appointment, yes, Hazel and Isaac.

ASTRA: Lovely to meet you both. I’m so very excited to do a reading on you two. Why don’t you tell me a little about yourselves?

ISAAC: I’m Isaac, I’m 22, a Pisces, and this is my first psychic reading.

ASTRA: I was actually thinking you could tell me a little about the two of you. What brings you here together?

ISAAC: This is our first date. We met on Bumble. Hazel’s first message to me was, “Hey, how are you?” and I just had a good feeling.

HAZEL: Isaac thought a first date at a psychic shop would be a good way to break the ice.

ISAAC: Statistically, novel first dates lead to higher quality relationships. I wanted to start off on the right foot.

ASTRA: I’m so happy you decided to come in. What are you hoping to get from this reading?

ISAAC: I want to learn something about myself and hopefully get to know Hazel.

HAZEL: Uh, yeah, I’ll just go with that, too.

ASTRA: Excellent, I think we can make that happen. Shall we get started?

ISAAC: Let’s do it!

ASTRA: I love the enthusiasm. I have a feeling you want to go first.

ISAAC: (Loudly whispers to Hazel) She knew!

HAZEL: She sure did.